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(Polina Lyapustina - Operawire Oct 2020)
[...] "An unconditional victory - the audience exploded into thunderous applause several times during the opera. They jumped up and gave a standing ovation as soon as the curtain fell. This is not a mindless delight, but entirely the merit of the performers, the orchestra, and of course the musical director... Just like maestro Quatrini should not forget this premiere [...] 
There has never been a performance of this level in the Lithuanian National Opera in recent history". 

(Asta Andrikonyte - Oct 2020)
[...] "The ambition of Sesto Quatrini, the Artistic and Music director of the LNOBT, who conducted the performance, to prove to the public that operas of "belcanto" repertoire are not boring at all, this time paid off - Anna Bolena, staged for the first time in Lithuania, was a total triumph". [...] 

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